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at the Hollywood Black Film Festival
Walker played the male lead in the comedy “Oops!” for the "Crazy Love" short film block on Friday, February 24, 2017 in the Cinemark Theater of the Howard Hughes Center Promenade, Los Angeles, CA 90045. There and at other HBFF events, Phil discussed with fellow "Black Sundance" class of 2017 screening film makers their possible participation in this new African American Film Channel short film monetizing opportunity.
Film festivals worldwide are encouraged to invite Phillip Walker to attend their gathering in order to discuss, with their screening short film makers, this new opportunity
Having screened in "Coffee & Cabbage" on Friday, Feb. 10 at 10:20pm plus Monday, Feb. 13 at 4:00pm, at Los Angeles' 25th annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival, Phillip informed short film makers about AAFC

Streaming Film Station

VoiceMail: (213) 437-6834
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During Black History Month 2017 on Feb. 18 Phillip Eugene also attended the New Film Makers - Los Angeles "INFOCUS: Black Cinema" short film block