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About SFS

Actor - Producer Phillip E. Walker has shot forty-four (44) short films since discovering the art form upon his October of 2014 Hollywood arrival.

His belief that it is time for the creators of this art to be compensated for their fine work has encouraged him to launch Streaming Film Station.
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A Self Distribution Platform with Exclusive Google Ads Agreement

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"When Monetization Meets the Film Maker":
a true story by
In cooperation with attending screenings of his film festival darling "Oops!", his first ever short film release "The Puppet" from NYFA, his new CSU-LB drama "Darkroom", plus his much awaited "Lew's Up First", PhilE will solicit fellow screening film makers to join him in building income streams for their short films.

Are you ready to help market your own work?

Streaming Film Station

VoiceMail: (213) 437-6834
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