Commedia Dell'arte Body Language WORKSHOP
ONE (1) HOUR COMMEDIA = $97.00: Using his acting Master of Fine Arts degree study of this renaissance era art form, Walker first applied these techniques during a San Francisco Mime Troupe collective membership. Herein, improv is the basis through which participants explore human physical communication. Always filled with much laughter, this is our most popular workshop nationwide. No participant limit or experience needed.
FULL DAY COMMEDIA = $297.00: Applying mastery of the above techniques, students perform in there own classic Commedia scenarios. Further, they practice the use of this acting style to assist physical character development in all styles of performance. No limit on number of participants.
ONE (1) HOUR ACTING = $97.00: Ten (10) practical and extremely accessible acting focus points are shared by our seasoned veteran, highly trained and experienced professional acting teacher. Techniques include: motivation, foundation, emotion, hurdles, sub text, substitution, action, etc. No experience necessary. Limited to twenty (20) actors.
FULL DAY OF ACTING = $297.00: So what gives actors the greatest fear? Learning lines. In addition to the above basic acting techniques, this workshop includes a tried and true line memorization system. Also useful for your students' core subject study, actors are always amazed to find that line memory is the easy part of acting. Limited to thirty (30) actors.
Regional Theatre TONY Awarded San Francisco Mime Troupe
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Philip E Walker's latest big screen release is as a Commercial Extra baseball fan in Oscar Best Actor nominee Brad Pitt's Academy Award Best Picture nominated "Moneyball". Click above image for trailer.
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Phil was the African WTO Minister in Japanese TV's "Gaikoukan Kuroda Kousaku (Amalfi)"
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