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Instruction from professionals James Tyrone Wallace II and Phillip E Walker available in Fairfield, San Francisco, San José & Santa Rosa, CA
2013 Talent Quest Regional Infomercial [coming soon]
Phillip E Walker created the new Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Region
2013 AREA Venues
Venues in the San Francisco East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, West Bay and Sacramento Valley sent their winning competitors to the September 15-18, 2013 Japantown REGIONAL competition at Pa'ina Restaurant & Lounge.
Festa Wine & Karaoke Lounge
7/6 & 8/14 West Bay AREA
~ San Francisco, CA
Devine Grind coffee shop & café
7/7, 14 & 21 South Bay AREA
~ San José, CA
Player’s Sports Pub & Grill
8/5 Sacramento Valley AREA
~ Fair Oaks, CA
Ticket Sports Bar & Grill
8/6 North Bay AREA
~ Santa Rosa, CA
The Distillery
8/8 Sacramento Valley AREA
~ Sacramento, CA
Valencia Club
8/8 Sacramento Valley AREA
~ Penryn, CA
Liar’s Bench & It’s Personal
8/10 Sacramento Valley AREA
~ Placerville, CA
Kimball’s Carnival
8/12 East Bay AREA
~ Oakland, CA
Pa’ina Restaurant & Lounge
8/15-18 REGIONAL Venue
~ San Francisco, CA


Program Pictured
AREA Program=$10.00
REGIONAL Poster=$5.00
REGIONAL Brochure=$1.00
Talent Quest Regional Awards Program
October 6, 2013 - Devine Grind .com report001080.jpg
Six (6) Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Regional Karaoke singers helped close out the 2013 Karaoke Sing Contest season by performing renditions of their award winning songs.
Qualifying for 2014 Karaoke Sing Contest participation continues on Sundays, 1:00 pm at Downtown San Jose’s Devine Grind coffee shop & café {2nd & Devine Streets, 95112}.
[Pictured are from left to right: CONRAD XAVIO (Male Pop South Bay Area 1st place-Regional 1st place-National competitor); MICAH RAY MISON (Male Pop West Bay Area 1st place-Regional 2nd place-National competitor); VICKI HAMNES (Female Master North Bay Area 1st place-Regional 3rd place); RAVI RANGANATHAN (Male Pop West Bay Area 3rd place-Regional & National Male Master competitor); FARNSWORTH CURTIS REED (Male Master East Bay Area 1st place-Regional Highest Score-National 6th place); PATRICIA A. PETERSON (Female Country North Bay Area 2nd place-Regional Highest Scoring female) & Director PHILLIP E WALKER seated]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Finals
September 21, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001077.jpg
With our work at NATIONALS being done, we decided to return home early on this day.
Talent Quest NATIONAL Semi-Finals
September 20, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001074.jpg
Thirty-three (33%) percent of the Nor Cal OR delegation advanced to 2013 Talent Quest NATIONAL Karaoke singing contest Semi-finals. In the morning F. Curtis Reed crooned ‘Night and Day’ for the Master male category while Corine Cyphers performed as a female Master. In the afternoon Carmen Milagro expressed her new found self through the Country female song 'It Was'.
[Pictured are Nor Cal OR high scorers Micah Ray Mison, Carmen Milagro, F. Curtis Reed, Theodore Zimmerman plus Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Regional Director Phillip E Walker in the center]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Business Meeting and Female Singers II
September 19, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001071.jpg
As an ‘oh by the way’ sharing of information, the 2013 Talent Quest NATIONAL business meeting revealed that the recording contract prize had been cancelled.
The lady Karaoke singers shined on this day with Nor Cal OR’s Carmen Milagro singing in the Country category plus Corine Cyphers and Pamela Finney singing as Masters.
[Pictured is Curtis’ Nor Cal OR Director Phillip E Walker meeting with new Talent Quest owner Alan McDonald photo]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Male Singers II
September 18, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001068.jpg
During the morning Micah gave what I believed was the top Pop male performance, while Dawon made a personal breakthrough. For the afternoon, in giving his normal great show, Curtis could now be 1st in the Master male category, while Ravi finally performed his Indian Bollywood song. Covering for a major technical glitch, Ted might have lost the appropriate mood for his soft, romantic male Country song.
[Pictured is a collage of Nor Cal OR males performing on this day]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Female Singers I
September 17, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001065.jpg
Other responsibilities caused me to see only the day’s Country ladies. What a talented group. Nor Cal OR’s single competitor in this category was so hot that I forgot to take pictures of her live performance. Carmen Milagro must have scored in the top of the heap! [Pictured is Carmen after her 1st performance]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Male Singers I
September 16, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001062.jpg
Day started with an orientation which shared unwritten rules. Country male Karaoke singers followed with great voices and none plus performances. Next the male Masters did this first day’s most entertaining show. Long day ended with a high energy male Pop session. Many Nor Cal OR guy singers used their inaugural performance to relieve jitters. I should have asked to see ‘run throughs’ before they went on. Hope to solve this challenge for the remaining performances. [Pictured is the 2013 Talent Quest National contest site marquee]
Talent Quest NATIONAL Arrival
September 15, 2013 - Talent Quest Regional .com report001059.jpg
Long all morning, team building ride from Windsor, CA to Laughlin, NV. Driving was definitely the best way to have done this. Long day of registration, sound check, etc. in prep for the 1st day of Karaoke singing contest. Thirty-two (32%) percent of our 2013 REGIONAL competitors were there. (F. Curtis Reed, Carmen Milagro, Theodore Zimmerman, Micah Ray Mison, Dawon Washington, Corine Cyphers, Pamela Finney, Ravi Ranganathan and Conrad Xavio) All 2013 Talent Quest Regional AREAs were represented and only our Pop Female category was not therein. Great showing for our first NATIONAL. Rest time now...Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Regional is READY!!! [Pictured is Curtis’ photo of Ted & Phil upon arrival in the Laughlin Tropicana Express hotel parking lot]
San Francisco Bay Area DEPARTURE
September 14, 2013 - Talent Quest NATIONAL Contest eastbay2bridge2013.jpg
Loser complaints about our unique winning process encouraged the NATIONAL office to direct our REGION to pay NATIONAL contest expenses for our REGIONAL’s highest scoring male & female Karaoke singers. By NATIONAL’s computations, that resulted in being F. CURTIS REED & CARMEN MILAGRO. Therein, we prepared for the drive to Laughlin, NV these two plus Self Selected Country singer THEODORE ZIMMERMAN. [Pictured is the new San Francisco East Bay Bridge]
Pa'ina REGIONAL Finals ~ S.F. Japantown, CA
August 18, 2013 - pa_inalogo1.jpg
Small but talented group of Karaoke singers competed in this inaugural event. Overall 1st place REGIONAL winners were: FARNSWORTH CURTIS REED-Masters male, CARMEN MILAGRO & PATRICIA A. PETERSON-Country female TIE, CORINE CYPHERS-Masters female, CONRAD XAVIO-Pop male, TOBY REVILLE-Country male & TANYA HARALAMPOSPIKIOS-Pop female.
Pa'ina REGIONAL III ~ S.F. Japantown, CA
POP August 17, 2013 - report001052.jpg
This Saturday REGIONAL competition day produced our largest crowd and highest number of competitors. We hope to rekindle this energy at subsequent years of REGIONAL competitions. [Pictured is REGIONAL 1st place Popular Karaoke singers CONRAD XAVIO & TANYA HARALAMPOSPIKIOS plus AREA Professional Judge / REGIONAL MC JAMES TYRONE WALLACE-II]
Pa'ina REGIONAL II ~ S.F. Japantown, CA
COUNTRY August 16, 2013 - report001049.jpg
Although small in numbers, Country proved to be the REGION'S most competitive category. PATRICIA A. PETERSON tied for the REGION's highest female score with fellow Country singer CARMEN MILAGRO. CARMEN won the female expense paid NATIONAL contest trip due to a higher vocal score.
Further, in the Country male category, Toby Reville flip flopped 1st & 2nd places with Theodore Zimmerman. Toby eventually won overall Country REGIONAL 1st place with Ted electing to compete at NATIONALS.
Pa'ina REGIONAL I ~ S.F. Japantown, CA
MASTERS August 15, 2013 - report001046.jpg
Despite ending this night as the 2nd place Master male, FARNSWORTH CURTIS REED would eventually become the highest scoring REGIONAL competitor. Therein, he won an expense paid trip to Laughlin, Nevada to sing at the 2013 Talent Quest NATIONAL contest. We predicted he would have the best chance to win it all! [Pictured is Director Phillip E Walker with the East Bay AREA’s winner]
Festa Karaoke Lounge II ~ San Francisco, CA
August 14, 2013 - report001043.jpg
This most successful of all Nor Cal OR AREA venues produced the top scoring female REGIONAL competitor and more.
Also 1st place in this West Bay AREA competition, Pop male singer MICAH RAY MISON [pictured] had the most fans of all Nor Cal OR competitors. Learning at the eleventh hour that he had Self Selected to compete at the 2013 NATIONAL contest, we attempted to give him last minute prep.
Kimball's Carnival ~ Oakland, CA
August 12, 2013 - report001040.jpg
Despite supplying the smallest number of competitors of any AREA venue, that one (1) competitor garnered the highest score of all REGIONAL competitors. Hopefully, F. CURTIS REED's success will encourage the very talented regulars at this venue to take part in next year's competition.
Liar's Bench & It's Personal ~ Placerville, CA
August 10, 2013 - report001037.jpg
Herein we discovered a deep vain of Country singing talent. Now we must learn how to mine it!
Valencia Club ~ Penryn, CA
August 8, 2013 - report001034.jpg
Proving that not all competitions will succeed, this venue was last in all but one of our evaluation criteria.
The Distillery ~ Sacramento, CA
August 8, 2013 - report001031.jpg
As one (1) of the REGION's two (2) sold out events, this competition was essential in making Masters the year's most populated REGIONAL competition category.
Ticket Sports Bar & Grill ~ Santa Rosa, CA
August 6, 2013 - Talent Quest Ticket .com report001028.jpg
A night of competition burst of North Bay AREA competitors produced the 2nd highest percentage (72%) of AREA singers to attend the REGIONAL competition plus the 2nd highest number of REGIONAL 1st place winners. Therein, Toby Reville won the REGIONAL Country male category. Patricia A. Peterson tied for 1st place Country female and the REGIONAL's highest overall female score.
Player's Sports Pub & Grill ~ Fair Oaks, CA
August 5, 2013 - report001025.jpg
This Pop category night produced the REGION'S largest number of AREA competitors of any 2013 Nor Cal OR venue!
New Dimension Sound ~ Lehigh Valley, PA
July 11, 2013 - report001022.jpg
Visiting the close of DJ Rob's Sacramento Distillery Karaoke show led to New Dimension Sound supplying this year's most AREA competition venues.
Celestial Sounds Karaoke & More ~ Placerville, CA
July 11, 2013 - report001019.jpg
Presenting twenty-three (23) singers at the Liar's Bench, KJ Celeste Garcia delivered the year's largest qualifying event.
Devine Grind coffee house & café ~ San José, CA
July 7, 14 & 21, 2013 - report001016.jpg
From this, the REGION's home base, came the highest number of REGIONAL 1st place winners - Conrad Xavio {POP male} and Corine Cyphers {MASTER female} [Pictured are this AREA's 1st place POP winners]
Festa Karaoke Lounge I ~ San Francisco, CA
July 6, 2013 - report001013.jpg
This first of eleven AREA competitions introduced us to the joy filled, almost spiritual energy that would come at most every subsequent event.
Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Regional AGREEMENT
June 6, 2013 report001010.jpg
Following the Great American Idol contest Award sweep, negotiations began to establish a Northern California / Oregon region of the Talent Quest National Karaoke singing contest. Once the agreement was made the rush to deliver contestants to the September 16-21, 2013 National contest began.
more... - Award SWEEP
May 10, 2013 - PerformingArtsDay.INFO report001007.jpg
California’s Great America 11th annual Performing Arts Day concluded with Walker Entertainer Academy students winning Middle School 1st (WILLIAM LIAM THRIFT), 2nd (SAVANNAH SWEET) and 3rd (MIKA GOROSPE) places in the 11th annual Great American Idol Youth Karaoke Sing Contest. That success led to the establishment of Nor Cal OR Talent Quest Regional.
Talent Quest Regional .INFO 2013 Web Blog
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