2017 Fall Nominees


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Most SUCCESSFUL Product: fall~Practice Productions "La La Land" major motion picture

Most IMPORTANT Production: fall~CSU-LB David Schell Films "Darkroom" short film

Most RESPECT On Set: fall~Alchemy Creative “Penny Pop Beat Fever” video game commercial

Most MEANINGFUL Work: fall~Vorvip Productions "13 Mysteries" feature film

Highest PAY Rate: fall~Blue Orbit Productions “To Tell The Truth” ABC-TV game show

Best INDEPENDENT PRODUCER: fall~Church of Scientology "Golden Era Project #29" industrial

Best TREATMENT of a Cast: fall~Americas Screen Extras "The Crib" feature film

Most EFFICIENT Shoot: fall~Hillside Productions "Flying Cars" feature film

Most ATTRACTIVE Star: fall~Steve Harvey “Funderdome” ABC-TV game show

Most COMFORTABLE AUDITION Environment: fall~Lauren Grey Casting “Hampton DeVille” & "Labyrinth" auditions