September 12th auditions produced the cast listed in this website, many of whom met for script and choreography development on September 15th. With dancers working for the next two days, on September 19th artists including the director and first Main Character (Phillip E Walker) joined the total Company for seven consecutive days of creation and rehearsal. Technicians finalized their work on September 26th with the cast returning the next day to preview the Playlet for California’s Great America Associates.
Inspired by the success of similar productions at the likes of Knotts Berry Farm, summer of 2012 discussions between Clayton Lawrence, Brian Miller and others led to the first versions of CULTure POP scripts. Success at this stage encouraged a green light leading to the hiring of Bob Brandenburg as director and Jessalyn Espiritu as choreographer. Different from past Halloween Haunt featured live productions, the 2012 show would replace singing with comic acting delivered through a story line.

ABOUT 2012 CULTure POP's Creation

"The 'CULTure POP' show is great...Honey Boo Boo is so funny!" ~ California's Great America Associate
"ultimate, in-your-face Halloween experience..."
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2012 CULTure POP made its world debut on Friday, September 28 at 8:30 pm in California's Great America Showtime Theater.

It ran weekends 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm through October 28 for Halloween Haunt 2012.
[CULTure POP is] "Always good for a few laughs..." ~ Ripper -
"...ultimate eerie Halloween Haunt event" ~
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"2012 CULTure POP" Performance PROGRAM

[CULTure POP] "show is great and I look forward to seeing future renditions of it!" ~ Mangler-Matt -
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