Phillip Walker reports on staring in California's Great America Halloween Haunt "2012 CULTure POP" Featured Live Show

AUDITION: Once again, extensive training such as a U.C. Davis Master of Fine Arts acting degree plus experience like his 'TONY Award' winning 'stint' with the San Francisco Mime Troupe allowed Phillip to stand out in an 'open call' populated by talented, mostly novice actors. However, the 'auditioning' young dancers were at another level - who can hang with them?
RESEARCH: It's Phil's third year of applying to work at California's Great America. Armed with a general knowledge of what they do, perhaps 'auditioning' rather than applying (like in the past) will make a difference this time. As performing is this artist's strongest 'talent'...we shall see.
POTENTIAL: Eureka - Phillip E got the 'offer'! Although of course the compensation is at an amateur level, the hope is that a long term employment relationship will be established with this corporation which hires more 'entertainers' than any other in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Negotiations became a struggle during the days before rehearsals began. Both sides stuck with it until they were finally on the same page.
REHEARSAL: Walker is excited about the 'script' and about this being his first live 'theatre' performance in decades - outside of his own 'production company'.
Another 'world debut'!
PREVIEW PERFORMANCE: With Phillip Eugene playing the lead in this twenty-five (25) minute dance / comedy 'theatrical production', day time and Halloween Haunt 2012 Associates took a break from their 'prep' duties to serve as the 2012 CULTure POP! preview 'audience'. While the 'cast' learned to 'play the laughs', their 'audience' of colleagues went wild. There may be a 'hit' brewing in Santa Clara!
WATCH THE PERFORMANCE BLOG at Phillip E. Walker Artistic Director
Phillip E Walker's performance
in California's Great America
Halloween Haunt 2012 CULTure POP! 9/28 thru 10/28/12 ~ Santa Clara, CA
Mr. Walker directed David Glover's one man musical play "Old Happens" which closed the Successful Aging EXPO, plays 1st Sundays at Linen Life Gallery~San Leandro, CA & tours nationwide
Also, he's hoping to find talent for:
7 mazes ~ 3 live shows
3 scare zones ~ 1 twisted attraction
plus Park's world class thrill rides
ALL included with admission
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