Having debuted May 11, 2012 at California's Great America 10th annual Performing Arts Day, offered is a limited number of no cost Santa Clara county live lectures covering Phil Walker's work with film and television stars. His story telling approach works well as entertainment at your community fund raiser, corporate or similar meeting / event and formal lecture series. Including the showing of motion picture and video clips, this short session can stand alone or serve as an excellent real world special event in any professional entertainer training program.
Available nationwide, other counties pay a small fee plus expenses.
Acting With Stars
live lecture-discussion
Phillip E. Walker poses with movie subject Chris Gardner while working on the "set" of Will Smith's Academy Award nominated "Pursuit of Happyness"
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Mr. Walker as dancing Amtrak train conductor
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Good Times' Esther Rolle called for Phillip & other next generation Black actors to "sow & reap" when she headlined Winston-Salem, North Carolina's first ever National Black Theatre Festival
Phillip E. with actors who played Fred Britos, the subject of the Discovery Investigation "I Almost Got Away With It" TV series 'Got To Pretend I'm A Priest' episode which aired on Kwanzaa's Ujamaa day 12/29/11 as part of the African American Holiday Season performing arts series. Click above right photo to view his shots.
Phil E. worked on the 2012 MLK Day aired pilot of J.J. Abrams' TV series "Alcatraz"
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Phillip E Walker's
lecture - discussion
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Phillip Walker just shot a Sony commercial
Walker at
George Lucas'
Letterman Digital Arts Center Opening
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click above image for Gangnam Style Finale
click above image for Phillip as #1 suspect Mosley in A&E TV Bio Channel's "I Solved A Murder" pilot
UPCOMING Phillip E. Walker Appearances
Last year he shot as the Janitor in a new
indie film called "About A Bum & A Boy"
and he is presently shooting as President Barack Obama the comic film short
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Phil Eugene's 1st movie title role was in the "mockumentary" indy feature film "Nations Riot"
movie trailer
Phil's shots
Walker's latest major motion picture release is work as a featured extra baseball fan in Brad Pitt's Academy Award nominated "Moneyball"