Other 2013 Offerings

Spring 2014 auditions for WEA's Hip-Hop dance crew will be held in Downtown San Josť, CA. Performance in April 2014 at California's Great America "Dance Days" non-competitive showcase. The small troupe will dance to the CD title song "Street Smartz", the story of a true school b-girl by Piece. In addition to watching many local dance groups perform, much amusement park play will also take place!
June 14th "Kwanzaa Musical" tour auditions will be held during Open House at the Downtown San Josť Armory Campsite. Professionally taught singing, dance, modeling & acting classes will support July 8-12 & 15-18 rehearsals at that same location. Premiering July 19 at California's Great America "Play in the Plaza", the Show will tour America throughout 2013. All Kwanzaa Musical Theatre campers will be invited to play at local engagements. Four (4) campers will be paid to perform in the National Kwanzaa week tour.
5/2/14 San Josť Art Walk MACLA Great American Idol Preview
6/3/13 ActorTool.com workshop in Downtown San Josť
5/9/14 PerformingArtsDay.info @ California's Great America
Weekly Walker Entertainer Academy classes and monthly professional auditions will begin Nov. 17, 2013.

Also offered are several auxiliary activities including a Santa Clara County elementary student actor competition.
9/15/13 Entertainer Compete
June 3, 2013 no cost Inaugural Advanced Workshop on How To Become A Professional Actor held at UMPQUA Bank in Downtown San Josť, CA.

Subsequent Basic & Advance follow up sessions of this Actor Tools workshop are available to be taught in your local community facility.
By appointment auditions at San Josť's Devine Grind for California's Great American Idol Karaoke contemporary youth singing competition are being held for May 9, 2014 Performing Arts Day excursion. WEA swept 2013 Middle School Singing Awards.



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During June 24-29, 2013 WEA returns with its highly successful and enjoyable parts of speech reader's theater production - "The Silent Kingdom". Former shows have resulted in more than half of its performers learning all eight (8) parts of speech while also strengthening their self esteem and reading fluency. We call it "smart fun"!
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San Jose Mercury News Report
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The Plaza of San Josť
Thirty East Julian Suite #218
SJ, CA 95112-4076 USA
(408) 216-9877
Headmaster Phillip Eugene Walker has directed and/or taught summer camps at:
American Conservatory Theatre Summer Congress~San Francisco, CA
Dublin Theatre Company Advanced Summer Camp~Dublin, CA
Childrenís Musical Theatre Summer COPA~San Josť, CA
St. Paulís UMC Youth Creative Arts Center~San Josť, CA
Volcano Arts Center Youth Summer Day Camp~Volcano, HI
Being Black is Being Smart Language Arts Summer Camp~San Francisco, CA
Summer Institute for the Gifted~University of California, Berkeley
Active Academics on A&E TV's "Breakfast with the Arts"

Entertainer Camp .com

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