Professional Entertainer Career MOVIE MAKING Camp Week <June 30, July 1-3 & 5> 5 days = $300 per student

Herein are examples of Phil's 'independent film' work. 'Novice entertainers' are most likely to get their first roles in such 'projects'. Therefore, the bulk of Movie Making Camp Week instruction will be led by various California 'indie film makers'. This Week will cumulate on the actual 'active set' of a 'local movie shoot'. Think of it as a week long 'audition'!
 2013 Dates  Activity   Time & Location
 Sunday 6/30               "Acting With Stars"       Devine Grind~San Josť                           
 Monday 7/1  NorCal film makers  San Josť Armory
 Tuesday 7/2  LA film maker  San Josť Armory
 Wednesday 7/3  Bay Area film makers  San Josť Armory
 Friday 7/5  Movie Set Visit  TBA
Perhaps the best 'day job' is as a 'Major Motion Picture Commercial Extra' because with this work one stays close to 'The Industry'. Above are links to some of the 'big screen' projects on which Mr. Walker has worked. During the Movie Making Camp Week, he will share extensive experience on how to get and keep this type of 'entertainer work'.
6/30 Public "Acting With Stars" Presentation @ Devine Grind
7/1-3 Professional Film Making Classes @ San Josť Armory
7/5 A Day Spent on a Local Movie Set
On Movie Making Camp Week's opening day Phillip E. Walker will present the San Josť 'premiere' of his TED styled lecture-discussion - "Acting With Stars". Storytelling approach is peppered with 'film & video clips' from his more than a half century in 'The Industry'.
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San Jose Mercury News Report
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Nations Riot 2nd Reel
"About A Bum & A Boy"
is in 'post production'
currently shooting
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The Plaza of San Josť
Thirty East Julian Suite #218
SJ, CA 95112-4076 USA
(408) 216-9877
Headmaster Phillip Eugene Walker has directed and/or taught summer camps at:
American Conservatory Theatre Summer Congress~San Francisco, CA
Dublin Theatre Company Advanced Summer Camp~Dublin, CA
Childrenís Musical Theatre Summer COPA~San Josť, CA
St. Paulís UMC Youth Creative Arts Center~San Josť, CA
Volcano Arts Center Youth Summer Day Camp~Volcano, HI
Being Black is Being Smart Language Arts Summer Camp~San Francisco, CA
Summer Institute for the Gifted~University of California, Berkeley

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