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2013 Professional Career Entertainer Camp Weeks

This web site supplies information about the 2013 spring and summer camp offerings from Walker Entertainer Academy Including:

Please do not hesitate contacting us with your questions.
Offers a large array of theatrical week residencies, full day workshops and short classes that can travel to your location at very affordable fees. These sessions are ideal as a special event at your facility or as substitute instruction for a missing teacher. Click the above "One World" image to check it all out. Your performers will thank you for years to come.
Additional 2013 Entertainer Academy Training & Performances Include:

~ 5/26 Memorial Day Weekend Singing Awards @ Devine Grind Series
~ 6/30 "Acting With Stars" lecture/discussion @ Devine Grind Series
~ 7/21 Life Skills lecture by Travis D. Walker @ Devine Grind Series
~ 8/18 Local Fashion Designer Modeling @ Devine Grind Series
~ 9/15 Elementary Student Acting Competition @ Devine Grind Series
~ 10/20 Poetry Slam @ Devine Grind Series
~ 11/17 Devine Grind Series Auditions & WEA Weekly Classes Begin
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Summer Camp Vitae
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Phillip E Walker on TV

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The Plaza of San Josť
Thirty East Julian Suite #218
SJ, CA 95112-4076 USA
(408) 216-9877
Headmaster Phillip Eugene Walker has directed and/or taught summer camps at:
American Conservatory Theatre Summer Congress~San Francisco, CA
Dublin Theatre Company Advanced Summer Camp~Dublin, CA
Childrenís Musical Theatre Summer COPA~San Josť, CA
St. Paulís UMC Youth Creative Arts Center~San Josť, CA
Volcano Arts Center Youth Summer Day Camp~Volcano, HI
Being Black is Being Smart Language Arts Summer Camp~San Francisco, CA
Summer Institute for the Gifted~University of California, Berkeley
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