This website details information about our "becoming a professional actor" basic & advanced classes. Participants and/or their parent/guardian/managers need no experience.

Led by working professional actor and experienced educator Phillip E. Walker {MFA}, a one (1) hour introductory workshop plus a one (1) hour follow up session is available.
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Professional Actor Tools
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Walker Entertainer Academy SWEPT the Karaoke youth contemporary singing competition Middle School category - led by two (2) elementary school students
Not withstand the many scams throughout the novice performer community, real world, up to date, breaking into "The Industry" advice is hard to come by. Therefore, CONTACT US NOW to take advantage of this unique opportunity!
With the inaugural Advanced Professional Actor Tools workshop being offered Monday, June 2, 2013 6:00 pm for no cost at UMPQUA Bank, 225 W. Santa Clara, San José, CA 95113, future session(s) can be scheduled in a facility in your own community at a nominal fee.
6/2 6:00pm
May 10, 2013: CA Great America's Performing Arts Day ~ Santa Clara