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Phillip E Walker's insider professional report on playing the lead character in the world premiere of California's Great America Halloween Haunt 2012 CULTure POP featured dance-comedy live theatrical production
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Phillip E Walker's review blog of 2012 Silicon Valley Haunts in San Jose & Santa Clara, CA


From Audition Thru Rehearsal
Phillip E Walker's professional report on him joining the 2012 CULTure POP cast
Cast Dinner & Final Performance
10-28-12 11:15 pm blog001038.jpg
How many people can you identify in the above Santa Row ‘cast dinner’ photo of attendees? The below linked ‘Production program’ might help with names.

We ended the five (5) week ‘run’ with my very first ‘gag show’ ever.

I had forgotten how hard it is to say goodby when an ‘extended run raps’. Let me simply offer here my personal thanks to all who helped create this memorable Halloween season experience!
Full House & Cast Party
10-27-12 9:45 pm blog001035.jpg
Isn’t it amazing how everything jumps to another level when a large ‘house’ is full of observers? There’s nothing like live performance. WOW! [Pictured are two of our most ardent fans]

A special thanks to Forrest Brengle, Tanika Conley, Andrew Dinh, Kimmy Dokes, Rodd Farhadi, Trevor Meyer, Ryan Millena, Alice Oshiro, Christina Ruff, & Natasa Szabo for attending our late night ‘cast party’. I truly enjoyed getting to know you all in a social setting.
Closing Weekend
10-26-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001033.jpg
Man! Did this ‘run’ go by fast or what? Here’s hoping that David Abad (our one ‘actor’ to receive only positive ‘notes’ from the ‘director’) is right when his last ‘line’ has the Overlord saying that he’ll "get us next year!" [Pictured is our "Gangnam Style" dance ‘finale’]
Stars Show On Rainy Night
10-21-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001031.jpg
With Honey Boo Boo being the audiences’ favorite ‘character’, we’ve come a long way baby! Even a ghostly Justin Bieber showed up back stage.
Park Play
10-20-12 Between 9:45 & 11:15 pm Performances blog001029.jpg
The longest ‘cast’ breaks between Shows are often spent playing at the Park’s wonderful haunted houses, rides, shows and other attractions. Of course, therein, it’s rewarding when Guests notice us and acknowledge our successful performance work. However, I’m surprised that, so far, no one has asked for my ‘autograph’. Is that no longer done by new millennium adoring ‘fans’? [Pictured on the ‘Set’ are ‘Production dancers’ {left to right}: back row = Trevor Meyer, Alice Oshiro, Ryan Millena, Christina Ruff & Kimmy Dokes; middle row = Timna Naim, ‘starlet’ Rachelle Ellis, ‘choreographer’ Jessalyn Espiritu, Andrew Dinh, Tanika Conley & ‘Main Character’ #1 Phillip E. Walker and front = ‘actor’ Thomas Munoz]
Souvenir Production Poster
10-19-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001027.jpg
I tried to get a signature or at least initials from every ‘Company’ member. One would think it easy for an insider to completely document his own live event. However, review of the above picture displays that several signings are missing. Hope I get them next week.
Most Important Review
10-14-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001025.jpg
Assisted by Chris Lam [above], California’s Great America Entertainment Director and 2012 CULTure POP ‘producer’ is pleased with how well we ‘hold the audience’ during our twenty-five (25) minute performances. Back in ‘rehearsal’ our ‘Production director’ said "audiences will walk out if we don’t do our job". Congratulations to the entire ‘Company’ because once we get them, we keep them! [Also, pictured above right is our #1 leader Clayton Lawrence’s visit to the men’s ‘dressing room’ during ‘premiere’ weekend]
Loyal Fans Attend Shows
10-13-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001023.jpg
With audience attendance dramatically increasing each night, I personally appreciate our enthusiastic ‘fans’ who sit in the ‘front row’ attending almost every performance! [Pictured is a ghostly ‘shot’ of Jon Nowakowski’s three most loving ‘fans’]
Professional in the House
10-12-12 8:30 pm blog001021.jpg
Retired San Jose State University TV-Radio-Film-Theatre Department Chair and founding African American Drama Company Executive Director attended the night’s first Show, seeing it as "...entertaining and fast paced..." She also stated she "...can see why the young audience loves it so much!" [Pictured is Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker the next day as a California Educational Theatre Conference delegate in the California State University-East Bay (Hayward) ‘Theater Lobby’]
Playing the Show
10-7-12 blog001018.jpg
After all of the hard rehearsal WORK we’ve got it. Now we get to PLAY!
Performance Adjustments
10-6-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm kim1k.jpg
‘Tightened’ the Kim K ‘sketch’. Show now ‘runs’ like clockwork.
2nd Week of Shows
10-5-12 blog001015.jpg
8:30 pm brought our most lively audience since the ‘Preview’. ‘Company’ got back on track for the 9:45 pm performance. 11:15 pm delivered our first and only ‘hecklers’. [Pictured is Sean Lee’s ‘setting’ for the Show]
Harvest Moon Performances
9-30-12 8:30, 9:45 & 11:15 pm blog001013.jpg
The only full moon of 2012 CULTure POP’s ‘run’ brought to us small but effervescent audiences. Their repeated, perfectly ‘timed’ screams and applause at the end of each performance lets me know that we've got something special! [Pictured is beautiful Sarah "Glowing" under the moon]
First Saturday Performances
9-29-12 8:30 & 9:45 pm blog001011.jpg
I felt the audience of our very first Saturday performance to be intently listening. Then I sensed their return for the second Show - that time to give in with laughter at the stack of ‘jokes’ on popular culture that are delivered in our ‘Playlet’.
Premiere Performance
9-28-12 8:30 pm
Written by Brian Miller, the 2012 CULTure POP ‘world premiere’ was brought to life with our ‘Main Character’ #2, Rodd Farhadi, coming into his own. Some lucky college is going to be very happy next year with our blossoming ‘comic’ studying on their campus.
Preview Performance
9-27-2012 9:00 pm blog001008.jpg
California’s Great America regular and Halloween Haunt 2012 Associates took a break from their duties to serve as the 2012 CULTure POP ‘preview’ audience. While we ‘cast’ members learned to ‘play the laughs’, our audience of colleagues went wild. There may be a ‘hit’ brewing in Santa Clara! [Pictured is the full ‘cast’ with ‘Production director’ Bob Brandenburg down front]
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